Sometimes those jobs that we have to "just pay the bills" end up being more meaningful than we could have imagined.  When I was pursuing my MFA in graduate school, I took a job at a local Savannah pub.  I figured it would be easy, pay the bills, and pretty much stay out of my way while I was in school.  I was so wrong, in all the right ways. I started as a food runner, and 7 years later, I had also fulfilled the duties of busser, dishwasher, prep cook, saute cook, grill cook, fry cook, inside expo, outside expo, server, host, security/bouncer and finally, bartender and assistant manager.  It was a crazy seven years.  Late nights, customer and employee shenanigans, and seven little celebrations called "St. Patricks Day" [If you've never been to a Savannah St. Patty's Day - its, well, an EVENT!]  I learned a lot about work ethic, loyalty, customer service and myself in those seven years.  It was something I never expected when I took the job to "just pay the bills".

During that time, I gained an appreciation for cocktails, or libations, as they are lovingly referred to in the south. By appreciation, I mean the creation of, and consumption of, of coarse!  Which is the whole point of this rambling post!

Many of the southern weddings I attended or photographed would have a "signature" cocktail - one or two cocktails picked out by the bride & groom.  Its a great way to keep the bar costs reasonable, but in addition, I think its a great way to incorporate your bar offerings with your theme, or share your favorite cocktails with your favorite people.    

Headed under the category of "The Details", I'll be exploring all of the awesome and intimate details that make up a wedding. So, I'll be sharing some of my favorite "signature" cocktails here on the blog! Maybe you'll get an idea for your wedding, or just for that post-friday-thank-goodness-its-the-weekend drink!