Okay, that was a super bad pun. In all seriousness, though, lets discuss how Pinterest has taken over my life.  Truly.  I was very very anti-Pinterest in the beginning.  Very.  I saw it as just another social media site.  I mean, really, how many do I need?  Well, I'm not sure how many you need, but I'm pretty sure on how many I can handle! The answer is: just a few. (sorry LinkedIn)  I was also super worried about copyright infringement, and I already had dozens of "inspirations" clipped and saved using Evernote.  So why did I need yet another quasi-social-note-booking type of app? Because you just do! That's why.  

After cooling off, and hearing some really positive reviews from other photo-art-copyright-is-important-people, I thought I'd give it another try.  Can you hear that? Softly, under the sound of me eating my words, is the "Whoosh" of what was left of my free time.  I love how visual everything is (especially in the new updated version). [Everyone else says: "duh"] I am really digging the way in which the community can collaborate on inspirational materials. [Everyone else says: "duh, again"]  What really clicked for me though, was the way Pinterest can act like a tool, allowing me to save & catalog poses or details to remember, lighting and venue techniques, colour palettes  and a host of other ideas.  Also, its a really fun and interesting way to learn client & other creatives tastes and visual aesthetics - which can only help with our future collaborations. [Everyone else says: "told you so, idiot"]

Seventh Step Studio is located on Pinterest at: pinterest.com/jbarduhn
Looking forward to seeing what inspires you!