This post is apart of The Details, exploring and examining all of the awesome and intimate parts that make up a wedding celebration.

The Cuba Libre

Continuing on with our summer wedding style cocktails, I present, The Cuba Libre. This is one of those cocktails where you look at the ingredients, and say "Wait, isn't that just a "rum-and-coke?". While this is close to being true - the all too important addition is lime juice.  Fresh lime juice (not lime cordial, like Rose's) adds just enough tang to balance with the sweetness of the cola. I popped down to my favorite shop The Mercantile again and picked up a bottle of Fentimans Curiosity Cola.  Curious indeed. This cola has a bit of a ginger tang to it, and that added a very interesting element.  Give it a try! 

*Juice of 1/2 Lime. - about .75 ounce
*2 ounces of light/gold rum
*4-6 ounces of cola.  

Fill a rocks class with crush ice, and add rum. Finish with cola, and stir.  Float lime juice on top, allowing to mix naturally. Garnish with a lime wedge. Imagine you're Teddy Roosevelt and enjoy!