Technology is an amazing, amazing thing.  We are connected in ways we couldn't have even imagined just 5 years ago.  Well 6 months ago really, the way things are going out there in the tech world.

I think technology should make things easier, not more confusing.  I try to make sure everything available to my clients provides them with an easier experience.  Including this blog.  While I'd love for readers to stop by and check out the site and read the blog directly, I know that's not reasonable.  RSS readers like Caffeinated, Google Reader, and a plethora of other apps make it easier to follow your favorite blogs.  If you'd like to follow this blog, and be regularly updated, here's the top three ways to do it!

  • Stop by directly:  Visit
  • RSS readers: Most will automatically find the blog feed, only requiring you to input the studio's URL : - If your reader needs more specifics - try putting the URL as
  • Email: For those that enjoy using their inbox to get updates, there is a handy signup form directly on the left, located in the blog sidebar.  This option will get you a once-a-week email that will fill you in on all the blogs updates that week.

I hope that makes things easier, and I look forward to all of the great conversations and comments in the future!

I'll leave you with a photo of the one area that seems immune to technological advances: Wedding Vows.  
There is something so tangible about a handwritten draft of vows, or a wedding speech that just endures over time.