I was reminded last week on the perils of being in-front of the camera.  While my personality might be a bit farther on the gregarious side than some, it was still an interesting experience.  One that illuminated feelings that many clients experience, even if being photographed isn't a new event for them.  Needing direction, feeling a bit out of place, imagining that anyone and everyone within a 25 mile radius is staring at them. Yup! All those experienced by yours truly   I needed some shots for this website (I figured people might wanna know just who all this rambling belongs to) - so I enlisted the help of my adventurous (and more importantly, eternally patient) wife.  We took a walk around the off leash dog park, allowing our 80lb fur-baby to roam, and took advantage of some warmer weather to grab some quick shots. While I spend most of my time behind the camera, and I've been there for quite a while now,  I'll be sure to remember those feelings of being a subject/model during my client interactions.  

One lesson I'll be sure to bring to every shoot, is the best one to remember:
Sometimes, you just gotta be a goof.