Dear Toronto,

I like you, I really do.  I just have some concerns.  Let's start with your bipolar attitude towards the weather & its seasons.  I love your Summer, with its Jays games and strolling through The Annex with froyo. Your Fall is probably my favorite, with the crisp air and changing leaves. I even like your Winter, with your snowy buildings, warm pubs and pickup hockey in the parks.  It's not those times though, Toronto. It's supposed to be spring now, okay? April showers bring May flowers, and all that.  Not April HAIL & SNOW.  

Conversely, last year at this very time, I was strolling through your lovely zoo, admiring your new polar bear cub, and enjoying the warm sunshine. My wife even put up with my badgering long enough to pose for a portrait, as the last bit of glorious sunshine gave way to the evening.  

This year? This year we get hail, sleet and snow.

Not cool, TO. Not cool.  


Your sun deprived & former Georgia resident, JB.