This post is apart of The Details, exploring and examining all of the awesome and intimate parts that make up a wedding celebration.

The Mimosa

The mimosa cocktail is pretty standard fare these days.  Most breakfast places here in Toronto run Sunday brunch specials with the cocktail as a feature.  My wife and I, being as we spent a large portion of our courtship separated by many miles, would celebrate every Sunday we were together by making Mimosas and keeping all the corks.  It's certainly a popular and traditional wedding beverage.   

Traditionally, a mimosa is one part champagne, and one part citrus fruit (usually orange), although sometimes otherwise specified, such as "Grapefruit Mimosa". So if it's so simple, and so popular, how can you make it signature for your event? I think I know.  

A Buffet?

A though popped into my head as I was preparing this post, getting ready to photograph all of the selected ingredients - "Why wouldn't you have a Mimosa bar at your post-wedding brunch (or even an early afternoon summer celebration)?"  

I think this is a genius idea (which means I am probably NOT the first person to think of it).  Just imagine your guest receiving a glass of bubbly, and then perusing down a buffet of fresh juices, liqueurs, bitters, and fruit.   Fancy a traditional? Head for the orange juice! Grab some peach puree for a Bellini style Mimosa. Feeling a bit more avant-garde? Throw in 1 oz of St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, 1 oz of  Ruby Red Grapefruit juice and you've got a cocktail! You could even try my personal favorite, and add 1 oz of Grand Mariner and one dash angostura bitters to your champagne for an orange hinted champagne cocktail.  Possibilities are endless!

We've seen cupcake bars, dessert bars, and of course traditional buffets. Would you ever try a Mimosa buffet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!