LPs. 8-tracks. Cassette tapes. Laserdisc. Floppy Disks. Zip Drives. [Tell me someone else used those things in college, or I'll feel really left out]

I'd like to add DVDs to that list.  While they aren't as antiquated as the previous list, are they still the best option? I don't think so. Between streaming media, downloadable music, and cloud backups, I'd say we've moved past the heyday of physical media storage.  Which is why I'm so freaking excited to offer PASS to my clients.  PASS is so many features you didn't know you needed but then can't live without.  Straight up. I'll be sure to highlight my favourites, but in essence, PASS is an online image delivery system that easily allows sharing, downloading, and soon, printing!

Lots of technical speak, but here's the deal: How does it benefit your life?
It's simply a stress-reducing-mind-relaxer. Really.  You no longer have to worry about how to share your images with friends or family (especially those relatives that may not have desktop computers!), or how to get them copied from a disk to your hard drive, or remembering 'now where did I put that two inch flash drive with all our images?'. 
Plus, all your friends will think you're a rock star when you share it with them!

A clean, simple layout greets you as you enter the Gallery.  Dynamic and automatically adjustable, your images look great whether viewed in a browser, iPad or mobile device.

I love to scroll through images chronologically, as if I'm walking through an event, experiencing it as it happens, but maybe you want to view only the preparation, or the ceremony.  Click on the panel on the left, and you can easily navigate by collections. (Intrepid and awesome photographers set these up for you.)

In addition, if you want to download ALL of your high resolution images, directly to your computer, you can do that too!  No more scratched or lost DVDs, or worrying about software compatibility.

Sharing couldn't be simpler.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email - all just a single click away! In addition you can create and curate your own collection, which is simply saved in the "My Favorites" section.  Easy!

Facebook integrated Guestbook? Yes, please!

One of the coolest features is the ability to save your gallery as a custom app. Your wedding photographs are now an always portable, easily sharable, full download having SUPERHERO of a gallery.  Amazing.  

[Note: Dear Canadians, please don't hate me for my hockey team. I'm still a good guy, promise.]