While I know that every photographer is passionate about their clients, I really have to say - I've hands down got the best.  The wonderful, passionate, and utterly full of life couples that let me into their lives continue to amaze me.  There was no way I could dare dream of not joining Karen & Kevin on a winter camping excursion to Algonquin Provincial Park.  

While the weather was a balmy -10 (-30 with the windchill), Tina & I bundled up and spent two days hiking, exploring, photographing, and eating (lots of eating) with these two crazy kids. They even put up with my badgering long enough to let me take a panoramic portrait as we looked out over the whole of Algonquin on Lookout Trail.  

I am so very excited for the future adventures we will have this summer,
when I photograph their wedding celebration in Halifax, NS.