As has become a tradition, we headed north this winter to the land of snow, snow, and more snow.  We set up camp, set out on a hike (with our snazzy rucks), and were treated to an exceptional sunset over Lookout Trail.  The first night, however dipped down to -38C (yes, that's negative thirty-eight), and it was very very cold.  I kept my hands inside my gloves, and inside my jacket for the majority of the trip, so much fewer photo ops this year.

Luckily for us, the next day was snowy and warmer, and the evening was spent around the fire, reminiscing on their wedding, life, and general shenanigans.  In a completely unexpected turn of events, we were even visited by a sweet little red fox.  He seemed to want to hang out for a while, but we shoo-ed him off into the night, to search for food elsewhere.  

I couldn't complain, even with the cold, as it was a joy to spend quality time with quality people around a campsite. Life simplified, and content.