It's no exaggeration to say that Jared & his lovely fiancé Keiosha are two of my favorite people. Ever.  Jared and I first met when I moved to a new school in 6th grade.  So when I say this guy has seen me in all stages, I really mean it. Awkward teenage years indeed.

 It's amazing to me that despite the years (ugh, I feel so old), and the large geographical distances between us at times with me attending graduate school in GA, and Jared leaving on multiple deployments with the US Army Reserve, we have maintained such an amazing friendship.  I'm lucky to have such a caring and loyal friend.       

Which is why, when Jared told me that he was going to propose to Keiosha, I knew that I wanted to help them celebrate in any way I could!  Jared's proposal was pretty epic in itself (more on that here) - but the best part was I got to photograph them less than a week later! Still in their new engagement splendor, these two were a joy to photograph. We meandered all over the TO, and I hope they had as much fun being my subjects as I had being their photographer!