Where are you located?

I get to call the Roncesvalles area of Toronto home. Which is awesome. I'm surrounded by indie coffee shops, great food, friendly people, and super close to an amazing dog park. Whooo! 

How do I book my wedding?

It's easy; I know how crazy planning a wedding can be.  I'm not going to add to that! Stop over to the studio's Contact page, and send me a quick note.  From there, we can get to know each other a bit better ( I love coffee, so we can meet up!) and go over any unique details of your celebration. Once a contract is signed, and a deposit is placed, your wedding day is locked down!

Do you include full day wedding coverage?

I offer collections with a variety of coverage times, up to 12 hours .  While every celebration is unique, 12 hours is usually more than enough time to capture everything from the getting ready stage to the I-can't-believe-we-just-got-married-this-is-awesome exit.  Telling the complete story of your wedding is very important to me.  If your wedding involves multiple days, ceremonies, or time requirements, I'd be happy to work with you to ensure you get the best coverage. 

Do you use a shot list?

A shot list is most helpful during the family portraits, (to make sure that we don't miss the uncle that always disappears towards the cocktails). Otherwise, I prefer to approach your celebration as it is, a unique story, and follow it's events in an organic way. Great images are born from emotional moments & connections, not checklists - but I will be sure to get to know what details and moments you find special, to better prepare for your unique story.  

Why don't you have your prices in detail on your website?

Choosing a wedding photographer can be daunting. Collection options, budgets, time and seasonal concerns, image quality and portfolio critiques all certainly play apart in the process.  In the grand scheme, though - it comes down to one thing: Trust. I want to communicate with you first, to ensure that we will be compatible and have an awesome time working together, and most importantly, to establish trust. As a helpful guideline, I provide my starting range on the Contact page

How many photos do you deliver?

enerally, finalized images range in the 500-800 range, but every wedding celebration has its own ebb and flow, and I aim to capture its moments in the most poignant way, rather than focus on a set number.  

Do we get photos on a disk?

I am very excited to have eliminated disks from my workflow.  No more waiting on the post office, losing materials in the mail, scratched disks or incompatible file formats.  All of your stunning images will be delivered to you via a beautiful online gallery, where you can share them on social media, download full resolution copies, email the gallery directly to family and friends, and most importantly, feel secure knowing that they are backed-up against loss or damage forever.
For more info, visit:

Can we share our images on social media, make prints, etc?

Absolutely. Your images are yours, and I want you to cherish and share them for years.  Basically, as long as you are not selling the images for commercial use, it's all good.  

Do you only offer albums or prints?


I believe so strongly in the power of an album to cohesively and completely tell a story, that I chose it to be the singular product of the studio.  The album design process also allows for more collaboration, and the end result is an heirloom quality book that can be experienced and shared for generations.  In addition, all images are provided in high definition, so that if you choose to make prints from a local or online lab, you have the best quality options available.  I am more than happy to assist you in the printing process if you would like.  The continued enjoyment of your images for a lifetime is my ultimate goal, however you chose to experience them.  



What should we wear for portraits/engagements?

I'm a huge fan of matching unicorn-bedazzeled denim jackets. Just kidding.  I don't suggest anything that's matching, or anything that is plastered in logos, but otherwise - wear what you feel comfortable in! If you're worried about how you look, or how something fits, you'll be distracted, and that's not what we want. I'd be happy to provide inspiration and help in anyway I can, and also know some wonderful stylists that I am more than happy to recommend if you'd like.   


Where should we shoot our engagement photos?

As with your clothing choices, the location has the most to do with what you feel comfortable with.  Public or private, urban or woodsy, the most important part is that you feel comfortable and connected as a couple. Maybe it's the park you always stroll through, or the coffee shop you always visit on Sundays, or the neighborhood you first met in!    

What if I have a small/weird/vintage/backyard [insert any description] wedding?

Oh, it's on like donkey kong.  As long as your plans include celebrating the love you share with your partner, I'm a happy camper. I want to tell YOUR story, whether that takes place in a backyard patio or a castle in Ireland.  The moments where people lose themselves in the emotion of a wedding are breathtaking, and I know for a fact that can happen anywhere. (I wouldn't be apposed to Bora Bora, though, I hear that place is GREAT for weddings! )